We specialize in repairs of CNC spindles and electro spindles.

Complex service of CNC spindles and electro spindles.

We are a professional service for spindles and electrospindles. The devices we regenerate do not differ in quality and service life from new ones. We have many years of experience in the CNC industry. A guarantee applies to every repair.

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Welcome to the official website of FUMAK precision electromechanics.

We are a complex service of spindles, electrospindles, rotary heads. Our specialists have taken part in many training courses in Poland and abroad, including at the Italian spindle bearing factory NTN SNR, electro spindles, under the watchful eye of the best engineers and CNC service technicians, have expertise in the field of selection, assembly and many other interesting things related to spindle maintenance Facts related to high speed spindle bearings acquired.

Spindle runout measurement after cone regeneration in our service with a MICRON gauge.

We offer you a completely free offer for your spindle repair.

A comprehensive evaluation of the repair costs for each spindle is done by us within 1-2 working days at no cost. A detailed offer is made by our specialists based on the inspection of the spindle, the position of the damaged elements that are required for the replacement, and accurate measurements. The estimate is presented in a PDF version with detailed work and elements of the exchange.

Zdjęcie maszyny CNC

What we do

We perform precise regeneration and balancing of turning, milling, grinding spindles and electrospindles of such manufacturers as OMLAT, HSD, HOMAG, HARDINGE, STARRAG, KESSLER, OTTO-JACOB, ELTE and other less known brands. Many companies have already used our services, enjoying the professionalism and knowledge of our experts in shortening the downtime of their machines. We encourage you to cooperate and request regeneration.

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Our service provides services such as:


Comprehensive regeneration of spindles, CNC electrospindles


We rewind stator electrospindles and servomotors for wood, metal, glass and stone processing.


Replacement of high speed precision bearings in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions


Adding and buying missing parts of the spindle, electric spindle


Balancing of rotors and spindles, electro-spindles in the body without the need to dismantle them


Testing of sensors, pneumatics and hydraulics of the tool holder mechanism


Spindle regeneration

Regeneration of spindles and electric spindles, on the other hand, involves the replacement of mechanical components of CNC machines that have failed. Restoring the efficiency of cutting machine components is an effective way to improve the parameters of a milling machine, grinder or lathe.

Restoring the original parts of the numerically controlled equipment will save time and keep the initial indicators. The repair of the equipment is preceded by a mechanical audit, which will also show whether the precision bearing needs to be replaced.

We will also restore worn windings, repair clamps with defects, renovate sensory, pneumatic systems and hydraulic or cooling systems. In this case, service and repair include on replacing the seals of individual components.

However, the main and the most important activity improving the equipment will be balancing. First, we test the static restoration of forces in the rotating element, then proceed to perform the same action already in dynamic conditions.

Repair of electric spindles

Equipment used for cutting and forming various types of metal, wooden and artificial materials is an important element of the equipment of every machine park. The smooth and trouble-free operation of CNC equipment speeds up production, while the failure of one of the components can slow down the process and generate serious losses.

In this case, the quick service of spindles and electric spindles, parts responsible for the torque of milling machines, lathes or plotters, is crucial for resuming work. Our experienced specialists in the repair of machining components will inspect the malfunctioning mechanism, propose a method of removing the defect, and after acceptance by the customer, they will immediately start working. The element that most often fails is the machine's bearing. Excessive noise and heating may indicate that the most important high speed segment of the machine tool needs urgent repair. The handle mechanism or encoder may also be damaged - then you will also need a quick overhaul of worn parts.

After removing the irregularities, we always proceed to balancing the main part and rotors in the body - thanks to this we make sure that the structure works perfectly. In addition, we guarantee every repair of numerical machines. In addition to work eliminating apparatus defects, we also deal with the regeneration of machine tools.


If you want to shorten your machine's downtime, call tel. +48 668 535 462 or consult our specialists at the following e-mail address: biuro@fumak.pl