About Us

The FUMAK precision electromechanics company began its adventure in the CNC spindles industry with small steps from the regeneration of spindles of friendly companies, with the time spindles and new customers came from month to month, satisfied customers recommended our company with full satisfaction and a guarantee of well and thoroughly performed work of our experts. It is said that the best advertisement is a well-done task and 100% customer satisfaction, which already with a clear conscience can recommend its website to other potential interested parties. Our service technicians took part in a special training improving the skills of spindle regeneration carried out at the NTN, SNR bearing factory in France.Then the company created a website describing the industry in which it has been operating for several years and acquires from year to year the irreplaceable experience necessary for subsequent successful regenerations. As of today, the company is expanding and emerging in a new place. Our service employs only specialized and carefully selected employees.

You can trust us

Our mechanics are well trained

After a series of training courses abroad, we are one of the best spindle and electro spindle services in Europe. We also have a trustworthy company certificate. Our trained and experienced service technicians work with the utmost care. When it comes to precision repairs, attention to detail is the most important thing.

A trustworthy company

Once again, our company as one of the few has been awarded and hailed as 'A TRUSTWORTHY COMPANY'. Since 2017, we have been called the 'PLATINUM TRUST-TRUSTING COMPANY'. As part of many years of reliable and above all honest work towards our clients, we have been awarded in this field, which is very important for our business. Our company consists of qualified, but most importantly honest, reliable, verbal and cultural selected employees. The reputation and good image of our company together with the satisfaction of all customers is the basis of our business.

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